Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby Got Back.

So, I've been posting "weird news" on our blog because it reminds me
of the text Tien use to get when she had her sidekick, LOL.
well, i thought it would be cool to have a weekly (or daily) blog about
the weird shit that happens in our country... and the crazy people who does them.
plus, i'm pretty weird so i guess this fits me just well :D

'A Tampa, Fla., woman was put on probation and faces huge restitution payments for illegally injecting silicone into two women who wanted shapelier rear ends, the St. Petersburg Times reported.'

'Sharhonda Lindsay, 33, was ordered to serve four years of probation after pleading guilty Monday to two counts of practicing medicine without a license. She faced a maximum prison sentence of five years.'

The two women who had the silicon injected in their asses, are now hospitalized for kidney
and liver failure... WELL, if you didn't let a stranger pump your ass with silicon -
then maybe you'd be walking around with a nice healthy butt... just ask sir-mix-alot.


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