Monday, August 31, 2009

Melody Eh$ani.


Clearly killin' every accessory brand out right now.
I've been fucking with Melody for a while now.


Why are you such a doll?!!!!!!!

sidenote: if you have yet to listen to any of these. you are SLIPPIN'.

You can DL this mixtape from my original post.

One word: Google.

MM: The Hype..

A little blend & mash-ups for ya.


SOURCE: 2DopeBoyz

Fuck em'..cuz' they don't know shit.

G' Shit!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Poughkeepsie Tapes.

'A serial killer obsessively documents his career in carnage in this pseudo-documentary thriller. When police raid a house in upstate New York, they discover a profoundly disturbing record of one man's ugly crimes. A psychotic serial killer once called the house his home, and along with the implements of his grisly pastime, investigators find over 240 hours of videotape shot by the killer which present a visual record of his murders in all their horrifying details.'

Basically, a guy records his killings. He mutilates them, abuses them and rapes them. He's sick.
When I watched the movie, I wanted to cry on behalf of the girls he was torturing. Just watch.

Use MegaVideo Links.


dont tell me....

i truley hate when people ask me... " yo dee! lets go get a tattoo together!" nigga no i dont wanna get one with you..!

1. cause you broke you gon tell me uhh "when i get money, we'll go"
2. you dont know what to get but you want one.
3. you just saying it for the fuck of it.

im the type person.. if i want a tattoo, & i know what i want and im for sure foreal about the tattoo than im getting it.

i now have 6 tattoos and they all have a meaning, so its not like i got all them for the fuck of it. ha!

my new addition; KARMA

lovee dee.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Smokin' that la la laa.

today is my homegirls bday; my good friend carney; booty girl.
i love you.!

last night me, cece, bessa, anida, and phanna went out to the hookah bar to try something new for once.. forget the clubs the bars and the same old shit we always do.. we tried the hookah and honestly to be really honest it was pretty damn fun. lol we had a good time; wasnt expansive at all. i enjoyed it & ill be back there every other weekend... ahaha

after the hookah bar though you know what we did, went to go smoke that good good. lol

today, tonight.. we will be hittin up the club though for CECE'S bday. so those who are in my area reading this; you guys are more than welcomed to catch us in providance tonight. lol

anywho.. pics from the hookah bar...

our bong for the night.

birthday girl; ahha!

not alot of pics but this was some.. lol we was too busy smoking our strawberry tabacco lol, making random jokes.. talking.. chillin; being us. relaxed.

i lovee you girls.!

bought head off to do some shopping with my bbyAnida & phanna; and off to get our tats later around 5ish.


Fix Ya Face!

My question is why has no one put me on?!!!!!!!! Fuck.


I've always had this infatuation with DJs..

“The risk of love is loss,
and the price of loss is grief
-But the pain of grief
Is only a shadow
When compared with the pain
Of never risking love.”

-Hilary Stanton Zunin

EDIT: Okay this is sickening.

A little beauty for ya...

It's been a while since I did a beauty post, here are some of my favorites that I do religiously!

Egg White Mask

'Add an egg white to your regular shampoo for a thick and glossy hair treatment. For an inexpensive facial mask beat a few egg whites until they get foamy. Then spread them over your face and let them dry. Wash off the egg white mask with cool water to reveal tighter pores and firmer, refreshed skin. Don't apply an egg white mask any more than once per week, or the skin will get used to egg white and have less effect each time. In many Asia countries, women use egg whites to whiten their faces and keep them youthful looking. After each egg white facial if you have egg white left over, it can be stored in a clean container in the refrigerator for up to one week.'


I'm faithful to my pink lipstick so before a night out I always try to do a lip scrub to make them smooth for the lip color.

Home-Made lip scrub:
1. Mix a small amount of coarse sugar with a few drops of water.
2. Apply the mixture onto lips and gently rub it in. Wash with lukewarm water and apply olive oil or vaseline to moisturize them.

Honey/Olive oil hair treatment:

I put all my girls' on this hair treatment. This is for the restoring moisture and shine, also stressed and dry hair.

2 teaspoons of Honey
3 teaspoons of Olive Oil

I'd say to apply it to dry hair, soak your hair with the mixture then leave your hair wrapped for 45 mins. When washing your hair I suggest a deep conditioning treatment. [this can be used for african-american hair, btw]

Feel free to share some of your homemade DIY beauty remedies with me dolls xox

Friday, August 28, 2009

& I work hard, So I deserve it.

“Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted”

-David Bly

Be Yourself.

So, I get quotes sent to my phone and here's today:

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else."

- Judy Garland

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Real Shit.


'Being the parent of a parent'

I know SO many people who have to play this role.


remember doug funny?

so i was just bored; and thought about a convo we had the other day.. highh ass hell & it was going on and on.. we was talking about the shows we grew up to.. its soo different from what kids are watching nowadays..

remember... rocko's modern life?, hey arnold, catdog, ahh real monsters, ren&stimpy.. GUMBY? i know theres alot more.. butt seriously this was a good conversation...

it just reminds me.. how much i miss being a kid....

nowaday everyones growing up too damn fast.. 10-14 yr old girls having kids.. 8-12 yr old boys being in and out of jail more than their own age... its crazy..

i mean.. what happen to barbies? hotwheel cars.. toy figures.. remote cars.. dolls.. dress up?

what has the youth of us become.. tsk tsk....

lovee deee


my sunshine.

lovee dee

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Island Ri Ri

I miss the old Rihanna. The island bitch with the strong accent. I have a love/hate relationship with this girl. Anyway, I was listening to her old material and I forgot how much I ♥ 'Girl Like Me' album.

Not always what it's cooked up to be..

Sometimes being a rappers wife ain't so sweet....

Now this is what you call a ride or die...cuz I'd be damn if I let my man pistol whip me.

Left with nothing...but I respect them because they're happy the way they are.


I can go days without make-up but not with nail polish. When my nails aren't colored I always paint em' even if I'm running to the store for 2 seconds. It's just a habit.

This Summer the trend was neon colored nails, funky designs, ETC but now the trend for Fall will be very different....MATTE nails will be in!

I found this on Kim Kardashian's blog:

If you do not know what matte basically is a high pigmented color, no gloss. I loved how she put clear coat on the tips to make it look like a French. To die for!

Here's the OPI Matte Nail Polish Collecton:

Every Fall I always go back to black, or dark blue.

Chanel's Blue Satin was on my nails for practically the whole Winter.

Anyway, I'm going to try the Matte and blog about it later.


sometimes its hard not having tracy around.. i feel like this house all depends on me..
i feel like someones wife.. someones mother.. and someones girlfriend all at once...
its alot of pressure.. not alot of people can see where im comming from but in my house.. its that kinda shit called responsibility... priority... ITS A MUST.. the least someone in this house can do for me is offer me some help... and yet NO-ONE even bothers to offer..
"just keep fucking piling everything up for donna guys..."

i just wanna be me for a day.. and not have to worry about whats i have to wake up and do.. and what im gonna have to deal with after work or after school.. or even before i go to sleep..
"can't noone take a walk in my shoes."

its just hard... i just wanna get away... cause right now i just wanna sit here and cry my eyes out...

lovee dee

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The bitch is back.

This son of a bitch is on a rampage.

'A new headline-grabbing report from the White House claims that swine flu could plausibly infect up to 50% of Americans, causing flu symptoms among some 60 to 120 million of them, and leading to as many as 1.8 million hospitalizations and 30,000 -90,000 deaths.

Where, exactly, do numbers like these come from? The new report was put together by the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. It turns out the predictions are based on just a couple key facts:

  • The virus seems to be transmitted from person to person at the same rate as in previous flu pandemics — a rate that's much higher than that of the regular seasonal flu. Rapid transmission suggests that the total number of infections could be very high.
  • The death rate for people who catch H1N1 seems about the same as that for seasonal flu. The White House advisors estimate that, so far, between 1 in 1,000 and 3 in 1,000 people who have needed medical help then end up dying. Assuming that this normal death rate continues during flu season, the total number of deaths is projected to be much higher than normal because of the higher number of infections.

And that's basically it. The Council's report notes prominently and often that, even though the up-to-50%-infected scenario is plausible, it is by no means certain. That's because both of the basic facts above — the infection rate and the case fatality rate — are still a little fuzzy. They're hard to measure in the first place, and it's not totally clear whether they'll change as the pandemic progresses.

There's one other very good reason that this year's flu pandemic has experts unnerved. Seasonal flu typically kills only the elderly, with 90% of victims 65 and older, according to the new White House report. (That's one of the reasons we don't consider seasonal flu a very serious disease, even though it kills thousands of Americans very year; the public just doesn't get too upset over a 92-year-old passing quietly in the night.) But the pandemic flu has hit young people and working-age adults unusually hard, just as the deadly 1918 flu did. So far 83% of U.S. deaths and 71% of hospitalizations have occurred among people aged 5 to 64. That means that every death is responsible for more years of life lost.'


So everyone start being careful...especially if you have kids going back to school. Teach them suckers how to wash their hands correctly and use hand sanitizer after they wipe their asses! Or just refer to Tien's Swine Flu 101 ;)


I've been lookin' for this video FOREVER and ever then I finally saw it on my bitch Harlem Missez blog!

But....smh. I didn't even see the extra scenes of this til' now. A DAMN SHAME!!

Ain't no wifey shit.

'You're gonna get yours'

Now Cassie isn't my cup of tea, but when there's a bad bitch credit is due.

Dimepiece Lookbook


It's been 8 years..

Aaliyah Dana Haughton

(January 16, 1979 - August 25, 2001)

I still can't believe it.

Monday, August 24, 2009


i can't stop laughing.

Yeezy x Rose


They are to DIE for. Soooo adorable.

Sources: Def Pen Radio x Love-Kanye


'One of your ongoing problems is that you are so eager to begin something new that you don't always finish everything you start. You are tired of the way you have been running around, especially if you haven't accomplished as much as you wish. You really don't want to wait another day or two in order to take charge of your own life again. But you cannot rush events that are out of your control, so patience is in order.'

So basically I'm an unpatient bitch who can't finish what she started..thanks a lot.

Bye Bye Summer '09.

Dear Summer,

I'm going to miss you.
I wish you weren't leaving so early.
Now I have to go back to school... also known as 'prison'. Wish me luck while I endure & enjoy the last year of my high school career. See you next year :'(

It felt like yesterday that I got out of school early to get on a plane to California.
It wasn't even long ago that I was in Worcester enjoying it, hating it then missing it.
That was 2 months ago... I can't believe it. It's crazy how time flies by right in front of your face. Like school is a week away and I still have mad crap to do. Time amazes me... like where do my days go?! Hahahaha. I think I feel like this because I gotta go back to school soon... WHOMP.
Even if it is my last year, stress is gonna be all over me- college apps and college itself.

Alright, no more whining.

Well, this is the visual of my summer.
I'm not gonna lie, I had a hell of a time.

Hope you guys enjoyed your summer :)


I can't even deal...

[that I can not save due to my shopping problems]

Money ain't everything..

'Ryan Jenkins, 32, who appeared in the series Megan Wants a Millionaire about a woman seeking to land a wealthy bachelor, is thought to have fled to his native Canada after the mutilated body of Jasmine Fiore was discovered stuffed in a bloody suitcase in a California rubbish bin last weekend. Ms Fiore had been strangled and her badly-beaten, naked body was found without teeth or fingers.

Ms Fiore married Mr Jenkins in a quickie Las Vegas ceremony this year. The couple split after two months and he was later charged with attacking her. But they got back together after he returned from filming another reality TV series and the couple booked into a San Diego hotel on August 13.

Mr Jenkins checked out alone the next morning. The day after, a man looking for recyclables discovered the suitcase.'


She wants a millionaire alright...I don't even know why that show exists...I guess men like to degrade themselves.

just remember...

mind over matter
{ i dont mind & you dont matter. }

thuy D. le

Sunday, August 23, 2009

scooby doo

i drink a cup a day for the hell of it.. just cause it tastee soo delicious.

loveee deee

Don't Miss!

Don't forget to tune into



@ 10PM on E!

you know we won't miss it ;)

We're kinda obsessed...

“For every dark night, there's a brighter day”

-Tupac Amaru Shakur

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yeahhhh yeahhh.

I haven't had the time to fuck with yall in a minute but just thought I'd stop by.

I think I'm obsessed with the Wendy Williams show :I She is HILAR & FAB.


Friday, August 21, 2009

cant handle.

i remember when you use to sit in his room cause he was out chillin & left you hangin'
& when you went home you kept wanting to come back to see him..
& he didnt want you there,
i honestly felt sorry for you. because no girl deserves that.
your sitting at home wishing you could've doen everything differently to prevent what had happen...

now hes gone & you're history..

lovee dee.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


"You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could have, would've happened... or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on."

-Tupac Shakur ...


i remember a couple months back i was sittin here telling tien "hey j.r.a got new videos yet?" and i havent checked on him since and today i did. he has an adorable voice; i dont know about you ladies but i love a nigga who can sing to me. lol

i remeber i use to love this song.

"cause it's something you dooo, that got me walking on the moon."

hes great. haha good music

lovee dee

bb drama.

alright, yesterday i was literally m.i.a all day. reason being? first off my phone was dead plus i dropped my phone in the toilet @ IKEA....
FML. its been a bad week for me. lol

anyways.. so i ended up callin my bff at like 2am i believe.. and told her what happened lol
honestly we talk to each other through-out the day everyday.. and yesterday i felt like i was having withdrawls cause i didnt get to talk to her! and i fucking called her ass from my bfs phone and she thought i was an advertiser. fucking A lmao but anyways...

but i let my phone dry out and it didnt turn back on...
but luckly right before tmobile was about to order me a new phone..

it turned on. LOL yayyyy for me

well.. i got rims for sale; posted up on craigslist if anyone was interested. muahah details are on there.

lovee dee

Tryna bring it home..

Short&sweet, and understandable. Kudos, this is some real shit.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

People's Liberation x Kitson LA

Now that I work for Charlotte Russe I learned a whole bunch about the company. They recently made a collab with People's Liberation & Kitson LA to sell in Charlotte Russe stores everywhere for a cheaper price. I didn't get to try the clothing on [yet] but there are some sick pieces.

Some of my fav. Kitson pieces:

Shop PL x KitsonLA @ Charlotte Russe

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