Thursday, August 20, 2009

bb drama.

alright, yesterday i was literally m.i.a all day. reason being? first off my phone was dead plus i dropped my phone in the toilet @ IKEA....
FML. its been a bad week for me. lol

anyways.. so i ended up callin my bff at like 2am i believe.. and told her what happened lol
honestly we talk to each other through-out the day everyday.. and yesterday i felt like i was having withdrawls cause i didnt get to talk to her! and i fucking called her ass from my bfs phone and she thought i was an advertiser. fucking A lmao but anyways...

but i let my phone dry out and it didnt turn back on...
but luckly right before tmobile was about to order me a new phone..

it turned on. LOL yayyyy for me

well.. i got rims for sale; posted up on craigslist if anyone was interested. muahah details are on there.

lovee dee

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