Sunday, August 30, 2009

dont tell me....

i truley hate when people ask me... " yo dee! lets go get a tattoo together!" nigga no i dont wanna get one with you..!

1. cause you broke you gon tell me uhh "when i get money, we'll go"
2. you dont know what to get but you want one.
3. you just saying it for the fuck of it.

im the type person.. if i want a tattoo, & i know what i want and im for sure foreal about the tattoo than im getting it.

i now have 6 tattoos and they all have a meaning, so its not like i got all them for the fuck of it. ha!

my new addition; KARMA

lovee dee.


  1. lol, thats my daughters name. i have it tatted on my left wrist.

  2. i want a tattoo also but im so undecisive haha..i like the karma tattoo on you =)

  3. thats cute! i would have never thought to get it done like that. I have 5 and i want so many more, they are addicting

  4. awww u went with me for my first tatt :)


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