Wednesday, August 19, 2009

elohel smiley face.

this is to my dear friend; stephen d.

i know you be on our shit everyday; i just wanted to shout you out. lol!

so anyways...
i've been up&around looking for an idea for another tattoo; & i found this...

its says "karma" in ambigram, i always thought ambigram tattoos were unique.. my brother-inlaw has the life&death one.. as well as my bfs friend has pain&love. this karma one just says karma up-right & upside down. idk about anyone else but i find it pretty interesting. "i want it" chances are.. i might be getting it done this weekend.

its gonna be a cover up on my "LE" tat on my right upper wrist. so karma will face out and face me when i look at it.. it'll just be a reminder incase i ever wanted to do something fucked up ill look at karma and remember itll hit me twice as bad if i did attempt to.

love dee.


  1. i love it! and i def. think you should get it lol

  2. I love ambigrams, I'm getting one of my last name one way and my fiance's last name the other.

  3. hell yea i be on this everyday lmao but i love the tatt too karmas a bitch n so is my d.le ;)

  4. lol that is the perfect smiley for Steph...smh.


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