Monday, August 17, 2009


so of course the last 2 days have been really nice out. (finally)

Sat; my boyfriend, his older bro&girl.. & i of course.. took a 3 hr drive to CAPE COD ma. to go to the beautiful beach. the water was so clean that it was blue. the water was coldish-warm but it was beautiful. so worth the 3hr drive. lols! i dont have much pictures.. boohoo i only took my phone & forgot my camera.. so yeah.. after swimming and sitting on the sand for 4ish hrs. we packed up and went into town around there and walked around.. amazingly gorgeous. lmao! than after we went home; had a bqq with some of the homies over, ate, drank and chilled the night away...


ride there; beach; in town.

(we look scrubby. ew)

my everyday; nintendo[DS], (reflection through the ds screen) my blackberry8900 w/ jordanretro1-20 phone skin, vitamin water formula50, natural nails&purple polish. loveees it!

Sun; we went to 6flags new england; ITS SO WHACK. it made me regret not going on all the rides back in 6flags GREAT ADVENTURES, NJ when i use to live there... lol boohoo.. but again i didnt bring my camera so theres not many pics. we went with the same ppl as Sat. & my boo phanna&her man tele, sam and my little brother... literally though we got there around10 stayed at the water park til 4pm lmao it was soo hot that we jus rather had spent the time swimming. of course we had fun. saw a couple people drown in the wave pool but its all good. lol uhm.. me and phanna dont know how to swim so we stood close to the top end.. just incase. lol but.. the bad part was we ALL got sunburn.. fuckin sunblock was not helping at all.. but we got good tans though. ahha anyways.. so after the water park we went on a few rides.. and by the end of the night me&phanna were bitten up by 538974 moquitoes. i hate them.. grrrr! but overall it was a great day i had alot of fun;

so dropping everyone off went well until i dropped my girl&her man off... and i told her to pass me my wallet & she goes.. "you never gave it back.." -_-

my stupid ass left my wallet with No money.. but yet 3credit cards; my id, social & my car insurance bill was in there & some other the motherfucking bathroom of all places.. of course i cancelled eveything that i could.. called up 6flags and they're no fucking help.. i might just drive my ass an hr back to 6flags and find my wallet.. im hoping the janitor that was in there found my shit and reportd it.. other than that if someone did steal my shit..


but to hopefully ease my mind a little....

me&bby are going to boston today with his brother&girl to go to the boston aquarium.. i been wanting to go there&the zoo for the longest time.. and this is one of it.. yay! i hope i remember to bring my camera today.. ahaha they probably wont even let me take no pics but whatevss. i hope it goes good today...

loveee deee

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