Monday, August 24, 2009

Money ain't everything..

'Ryan Jenkins, 32, who appeared in the series Megan Wants a Millionaire about a woman seeking to land a wealthy bachelor, is thought to have fled to his native Canada after the mutilated body of Jasmine Fiore was discovered stuffed in a bloody suitcase in a California rubbish bin last weekend. Ms Fiore had been strangled and her badly-beaten, naked body was found without teeth or fingers.

Ms Fiore married Mr Jenkins in a quickie Las Vegas ceremony this year. The couple split after two months and he was later charged with attacking her. But they got back together after he returned from filming another reality TV series and the couple booked into a San Diego hotel on August 13.

Mr Jenkins checked out alone the next morning. The day after, a man looking for recyclables discovered the suitcase.'


She wants a millionaire alright...I don't even know why that show exists...I guess men like to degrade themselves.

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