Friday, August 14, 2009


This was brought to my attention today by my sisters' friends and it blew me out the water...I mean...I don't really believe it...but it DOES make sense...:I

It all starts with Beyonce...and her 'Crazy In Love' video..notice the facts they point out.

Parts 3, 4, & 5

then......comes Rihanna...

Here's a full breakdown of the 'Umbrella'

Kanye West, Nas, & Hov

I do hear that when you're in the music biz you sell your this true?! Creepy.

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  1. other people write the girls' songs... and they just act out other people's ideas in the music videos...

    and they always say... if you look for it... you'll find it...

    or even hindsight... i knew these numbers were coming out... I knew something was wrong...

    for real.. it's a conspiracy that they don't sell lay's ketchup chips in the US, but they do in Canada... WHAT?? aren't we peaceful enough to get Lay's Ketchup chips here in the States

    Lady Gaga has a veejayjay and a peeen-us.. she dresses futuristically so she is the future of evolution... we are to become like worms and will be able to procreate with any other human form male or female...[I SAID IT FIRST, COME AND FIND ME]

    it's like saying that a serial killer became one because of their upbring and bad influences... BS.. what about the other kids who fight against domestic violence because they had experienced it...IT"S ALL HINDSIGHT


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