Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall- into place.

i must say... honestly.. SUMMER FUCKING SUCKED... but overall i had fun...

my 2 faveee seasons;

i lovee how fall isnt too hot & not too cold either, yet it falls into winter where i find the perfect outfits to wear. CUTE&COMFY.

i been sitting around all summer, failing to sign up for college and get morning&afternoon classes.... instead i signed up for the 2nd semi which starts in mid-january. 2010.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? 2010? shit dont even sound attractive....

i dont know about you guys out there; but i feel like a loser-ass not doing anything with my life.. besides me working.. i been trying to go to school... i get so bored of sitting on my ass at home if im not at work. i mean yeah.. schools not for everyone.. but i believe everyone should give it a shot...

but anyways... i dont have much to say, just wanted to update a little.


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  1. you should give it a try, I took a break from school and actually started again TODAY!

    But yes, I love fall. This season has the best clothes!


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