Monday, November 30, 2009

I dont know about you but.....

I'd like me a cup of EGGNOG and maybe a shot or two of KHALUA and a CANDY CANE as a garnish.
( Personally, I like eggnog if you dont. Your opinions doesnt matter to me. ha' )

Maybe when i go visit my bestfriend cTIEN this Christmas,
we can spend some time in the living room overlooking her tree and presents;
while we sip on some of this eggnog recipe.
how 'bout it boo? ehe

or some meatloaf for dinner?

yeahh yeahh, i like to cook on the downlow so what...
lol ex-culinary student what can i say.
How about making some meatloaf and greenbeans for dinner too?

HONESTLY, I can't wait til I get to spend some time with my bff. Its been a longg time.

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