Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You never know a good thing til it's gone.

Today, during 3rd period I found out one of my classmates had died. It was insane- I couldn't move. It's believed she committed suicide. I didn't really talk to her but she knew who I was and I definitely knew her. I was literally in shock. 4 years with someone is a long time- but never getting to know them is a shame. My senior class, during our sophomore year, also lost another classmate to cancer- it brought us together like it did today.

Point of this, is that it shouldn't take someone's life for us to realize what we have is good. We should appreciate everything because it can be gone in a split second. Unfortunately for my friend, Anna, she thought suicide was the only way out when really- it's just the easiest... So, take the time to acknowledge who you have because you never know if they'll be there tomorrow ♥

Rest in paradise, baby girl. Sleep easy.

btw, i love you girls. my UYB girls ♥


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