Friday, April 17, 2009

I need to get away..

Some days I feel like packing up and leaving..there's nothing for me here..nothing to make me happy. Now that I'm 18, I have the opportunity to make that happen..and I will. Trust.

It's just fucked up when you see your family fall apart. Mom stops cooking, siblings stop talking. I can't recall the last time ANYONE in my family calling me asking me 'How are you?' not even my oldest sister who is in Bumblefuckland, only ONE person in my family calls me on a daily. Hell, no one in my family wished me a happy birthday this year besides 1 sister and a couple cousins. Sometimes, I try too hard. I try to hard to keep everything in one piece when in reality..SHIT does not happen that way.

I am just DRAINED..I need a vacayyyshun.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

I fucking WISH.

One day...this Summer my bestfriend & I are planning an end of summer vacay at a resort.

I'm still researching cuz' uhmmm last time I's a FUCKING RECESSION!


Shouts' to RiRi who is looking BOMB nowadays!

Oh yeah..and those Christian Louboutins'?

They have a $1,095.00 price tag.


Ashley Tisdale is soo cute, I love her new look & new attitude.


Last note...

*PAUSE* at this picture. lollollol.

Rock City has grew on me..I know nothing about them to be honest..but I love their accents and their covers!

I'm downloading their mixtape as I type, ha.
Everyone already know I'm the Queen of mixtapes.


I officially LOVE them.

Flashing Lights [LB] - Rock City

'And what you rocking now was my last years' shopping'

eXes & hOes,
Mixtape Tizzy

EDIT: LMAO @ DEE for putting shes from Mongolia. DEAD.

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