Friday, April 17, 2009

T. D♥t's Finest.

Mr. Drizzy Drake has been making his rounds' in NYC for the past couple of days...and he managed to do a crazy fucking collabo.

Hov, JustBlaze, & Drake?

Can't wait..he's doing it WAYYY big now. I remember mentioning him to my other half not long ago now he's on every bitches' Myspace page...SMH. I love youu


One of Drake's talented friends, Bryan Espiritu BKA Be is a great blogger and he also has a clothing line called 'IdeaLL'.

Drizzy reppin' LL in the T.O. Don't Love U crewneck.

He finally designed a Women's line coming out soon and I can't wait to get my hands on these tees!


Check out Be's Blog and go cop your IdeaLL gear here.

I'm planning a trip to Toronto, Canada on my 19th birthday, that's when I am technically legal :)

A Canadian in spirit,

PS: Check out the 'Daily Reads' located to your right..most of the blogs are Canadians doing big thangs and all are friends with Drake :)

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