Thursday, April 16, 2009

Premonitions x Bullshit.

'A premonition is an impression, often perceived as a warning, of a future event (from the Latin praemonēre, to forewarn : prae-, pre- + monēre, to warn). It bears similarities to the concept of second sight in that it frequently comes in the form of a paranormal vision or as a vivid dream.[1]

Premonitions are sometimes attributed to the presence of supernatural or paranormal abilities such as those of the prophetess Cassandra. However, the distinction between precognition and ordinary evidence-based predictions is sometimes not made sharply. Premonition is a concept which may or may not include ordinary predictions, resulting in a bias towards supernatural explanations for the phenomenon.

There are many recorded instances of premonitions which have come true but many others may be explained by the knowledge or deduction of those who experience them.'

Lately, I've been having these weird premonitions, and it's the type where I think I do remember but I really don't. Some were bad..some were good. Hopefully it doesn't come and bite me in the ass. =x

The Original Chris Crocker....the fucking truth.

'I can have my groupies on you in 5, 4, 3, 2,'s NOTHIN'!'

haha, I remember watching his videos over and over again just to laugh.


This is gonna be my last word on this stupid ass situation...

Don't put my name in your mouth. You don't know don't know my fucking trials and tribulations nor do you know my struggles. You don't chop it up with me. IT'S ALL FUCKING MUTUAL. But that does not mean you know me enough to go ahead and don't yap like you do. End of story.

Like my girls @ L.A Bella say:


Eat it, swallow it, and DIE FUCKING SLOW while shitting it out.

How about we all act our age? Huh?

eXes and hOes,

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