Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shoes, Watches, & Weezy.

FUCK MY LIFE. I am sooo mad. I wrote up a whole blog and then it got deleted....SMH!

Back to the regular scheduled program...

I signed up for Kim Kardashian's ShoeDazzle. It sounds like a good idea, sooo I decided to give it a whirl.

How It Works:

1. Take our Fashion Survey:
It only takes a few minutes for us to get to know your style.

2. Our stylists pick 5 shoes for you:
Based on your survey results, our fashion experts provide you with a choice of 5 fashionable shoes each month, from which you choose one. If you don't like any of the choices, simply contact us and we will send you new choices. If you still do not like your choices, you can select "Skip this Month" and you won't be charged for that month.

3. Choose the pair you want:
We provide free shipping*. If you are unsatisfied with your shoes, simply return them to us using the pre-printed return shipping label provided with your order.*

All I'm saying is: IT BETTER BE WORTH $39 A MONTH.

I circled my favorites! Can't wait to see their options for me!

Thank me later



If you know & love me you know I have a weird WATCH obsession..especially on guys. Mhmm.

Here's some I saw on, they honestly make me wanna go pick up trash for money to buy them. :l

1. Freelook- Oversized Watch $350 *favorite*
2. G Shock- Tough Watch $125
3. G Shock- Baby G Colorblock Watch $90
4. Juicy Couture- Socialite Watch $195
5. TKO Orgoli- Milano Remix Watch $125 *favorite*
6. TKO Orgoli- Milano Ice Watch $150 *favorite*

Of course I gotta rep' for my MEN too!

1. Emporio Armani Square Case Chronograph Watch $395
D&G Dolce&Gabbana 'Medicine Man' Men's Stainless Steel Watch $275
Burberry Men's Round Face Leather Band Watch $475
Gucci 'G Chrono Collection' Watch $1,795
*If I see you in this Gucci watch, I will marry you within 2 seconds, no questions asked!*
5. Victorinox Swiss Army® 'Convoy' Men's Chronograph Watch $550
D&G Dolce&Gabbana 'Rugby' Chronograph Watch $415
Gucci Extra Large Rubber Band Digital Watch $1,345
Nooka 'Zub 20 Zot' Watch $130
Nooka 'Zub 38' Digital Watch $140
MARC BY MARC JACOBS Large Round Leather Band Watch $225
Nooka 'Zub Zenh 20' Digital Watch $130
Burberry Patent Strap Watch $295

Guys, step your watch game up!

Weezy the ROCKSTAR

Hot Revolver - Lil Wayne

I dig it ;)

I was so close to buying this issue til' I saw the price $4.50?! Shit was like 20 pages...AND WE'RE IN A FUCKING RECESSION! Sorry Weezy, I still luhhh you though boyfriend;)

Here's an excerpt:

'Wayne grew up a wild kid in New Orleans who dealt crack and once accidentally shot himself in the chest. "It was my mom's gun," Wayne says. "It was like a chopper hit me. But the bullet went straight through, and I bounced back in two weeks." Thankfully, Wayne soon discovered hip-hop and began battle-rapping. When he was eleven, he had the good fortune of befriending Baby Williams and started helping out at Cash Money Records. By the time he was fourteen, Wayne had a record deal.'

You dumbass. I should slap you. SMH!

THEN I read this on

How old were you when you lost your virginity and what were the circumstances?

LIL WEEZY: I was 11 and the girl was 13. She had every board game you could imagine. I liked board games. We was playing Win Lose or Draw and on the board she wrote, “F*ck me.”

Now I was 11, and I didn’t even know it meant “intercourse.” I just knew it was a cuss word, so I was like, “Why is she cussing herself out?” She said, “Do you want to play ‘Press Your Luck’? Well, the game is in my closet.” She had a walk-in closet, so she said, “Go get it, it’s right to the right….”

When I walk to the closet she came in and cut the lights off and took off my pants, and I remember my ass was cold up against the wall. I was like, “What the hell!?” When I tried to push her off me, I felt that she was naked also, so I just stepped back and let her do what she do.

Are you good in bed? ?

LIL WEEZY: I would say what makes me good in bed is that I am not aiming to be good. I am not expecting the chick to be like, “Oh, he was good.” I aim to please and if you do that every single time, I think you’re overall good, period.

You don’t have to try and ram it or let me beat it up.

How cautious are you when it comes to having sex? ?

LIL WEEZY: I have to be more cautious now. Let me tell you the trick to that. What you do is stop ramming them hos and make love to that p*ssy! Make that p*ssy love you and that rubber ain’t going nowhere. That rubber will be right there where you started off with if you make love to that p*ssy.

That’s when a n*gga fuck up, when you trying to do too much. A n*gga like me, I am gonna make the p*ssy so wet that there’s no such thing as popping or slipping off. Only problem I am gonna have is keep slipping it in.

=O Okay Young Lion I see you. tahaha.

eXes and hOes,

PS: LOOK out for Dee's better half.

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